Pulled Over In South Carolina? Here’s What to Do

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Pulled Over In South Carolina? Here’s What to Do

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Traffic stops are unfortunate commonalities in life for many people. From speeding to driving under the influence, you may end up interacting with law enforcement at some point, and should be prepared for this to happen to you. Millions of people drive on South Carolina roads each and every day, and thousands of those people will be pulled over for traffic violations, ranging from minor to major. It’s understandable to be nervous during a traffic stop, but paying attention to these tips can keep you calm and less likely to be charged with a crime.

If you are pulled over by a police officer, keep these things in mind:

  1. Remain calm

Acting nervous, angry, or upset will only make the traffic stop worse for you, and the officer attending to you. Once you know you’re being pulled over, turn off your radio and take deep breaths. Even if you know you were speeding or you have been drinking, it always works in your favor to be relaxed and respectful.

  1. Stay quiet

In many cases, people have gotten themselves into worse trouble by talking too much to the officer(s) at the stop. Regardless of your driving habits or sobriety, it’s important to only spoke when spoken to, and keep your communication to a minimum. This will help your traffic attorney in South Carolina better defend you too.

  1. Be still

It’s normal to be nervous, but it’s critical that you do not make any rash or sudden movements. With traffic stop violence on the rise, law enforcement is more defensive than ever, and abrupt movements may get you cuffed, tasered, or worse. Move slowly and deliberately, and only to follow the officer’s requests.  

  1. Make a note of details

When making a legal case, details matter, so do your best to remember the people and actions involved in your traffic stop. Make a note of the officer’s names, badge numbers, your location and time of day, and anything that seems unusual or out of place. You may write these down after the police drive away, or if you have a passenger in the car, ask them to pay extra attention during the interaction.

If you are from out-of-state and are pulled over in South Carolina, these tips are especially important! When you are involved in a traffic stop, keep these things in mind to give yourself the best possible outcome, and when you need an experienced traffic and DUI lawyer, reach out to our firm for your free consultation!

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