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Business Incorporations

The Suttles Law Firm works with small businesses, large businesses, new businesses, and businesses you likely know by name! Starting a new business is an enormous undertaking that requires careful planning to be successful. There are many complex legal issues you need to consider. You need an experienced business law attorney to ensure you have everything in place so that your new venture is positioned for success.

From forming your new business to drafting employment, vendor, and customer agreements, we can help you with everything you need to get your business off to a solid start.

Contracts and Agreements

Business owners need help negotiating and drafting contracts between other business owners, vendors, employees, and others. Business attorney Brent W. Suttles, Sr., and The Suttles Law Firm helps companies in Summerville and Charleston, SC, create contracts and agreements, and provide advice regarding the day-to-day legal issues many local businesses face.

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