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Attorney Brent Suttles, Sr., helps prepare Wills for people in and near Summerville and Charleston. In South Carolina, a Will directs where you want your property, money, and belongings (your estate) to go after your death. Otherwise, if you die without a Will (intestate), then a court will follow South Carolina’s laws to determine who gets your estate. A Will also name the person you wish to serve as Personal Representative (PR). The PR is responsible for handling your estate, filing paperwork with the Probate Court, and distributing your estate according to your wishes.

When it comes to creating a Will, there are many “do-it-yourself” options available online. However, there are potential problems with “DIY” Wills. In South Carolina, several legal formalities must be followed when drafting a Will for it to be valid. There are also different ways of achieving the results you intend when dividing your estate. If your Will does not comply with South Carolina laws, it may not hold up in court when you need it to.

Also, these DIY kits do not take into account your unique circumstances and your needs. With our guidance, you can rest easy knowing your Will complies with South Carolina’s law and that it is customized to meet your estate planning needs.

A Last Will and Testament is only one part of the estate planning process. For example, unlike a Power of Attorney, a Will has no legal authority until death. So, a Will cannot help you manage your personal affairs if you become incapacitated.

Additionally, unlike a living trust, a Will does not help your estate avoid probate. A Will is a legal document that must be submitted to the probate court. A will is a good place to designate who should be the guardians of your minor children if you pass.

If you leave this choice to chance, then you could be setting up a battle in family court between relatives, and your children could end up with the wrong guardians.

Let Attorney Brent W. Suttles, Sr. and The Suttles Law Firm Prepare Your Last Will and Testament

To protect your assets and your family, contact attorney Brent W. Suttles, Sr. to help draft your Last Will and Testament.

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