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With a decision as important as buying a home or other real property in Summerville, Charleston, Mount Pleasant, West Ashley, and the surrounding areas of South Carolina and North Carolina, you need the services of experienced real estate closing attorneys. For many years, The Suttles Law Firm has been helping the people in Summerville and the surrounding communities successfully close on their real estate transactions; The Suttles Law Firm handles transactions involving:

At The Suttles Law Firm, our role is to help everyone involved in the real estate transaction by monitoring, guiding, and explaining the transaction, which allows all parties to make certain they get what they bargain for in their real estate purchase or sale. At The Suttles Law Firm, we work with buyers, sellers, lenders, mortgage brokers, and real estate agents to ensure that your purchase or sale is handled promptly and efficiently.

Real estate agentsThe Suttles Law Firm strives to facilitate smooth transactions by being a part of your team that you did not know you needed! This includes efficient communication, streamlined processes, and a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for agents, clients, and lenders alike!

Lenders and mortgage brokersthe goals are to communicate efficiently, execute documents timely and accurately, and satisfy funding requirements as quickly as possible.

Buyersthe role of The Suttles Law Firm is, among other responsibilities, to provide competent legal services, which involves deed preparation, making certain current liens and mortgages are satisfied at closing, coordinate the transfer of HOA (Homeowners Association) membership, (if necessary), and generate or review necessary documents needed for your real estate closing.

SellersThe Suttles Law Firm, among other responsibilities, will provide competent legal services, which include deed preparation, reviewing potential liens against you or the property you are selling, and, in some circumstances, negotiating on your behalf related to liens or judgments affecting the property (this requires a representation agreement, which is separate from the general real estate representation agreement), and preparation of any additional documents necessary for your real estate closing.

At The Suttles Law Firm, the goal is to provide you with a professional real estate transaction that maximizes your legal protection and overall efficiency by offering a multitude of services for your real estate closing. Specifically, services include:

Title Examination – The Suttles Law Firm orders title work for real estate purchases, refinances, equity lines of credit, foreclosure purchases, and, upon request only, for real estate sale. Then, The Suttles Law Firm reviews the title work, which includes prior deed, mortgages, liens, etc.) to verify that sellers have a clear title to the real estate being bought and sold. Title examinations are conducted by retrieving government records from the county, wherein the real estate being bought, sold, or refinanced is located by title examiner. The title examiner’s role is to research the history of the property and provide The Suttles Law Firm with a summary report, along with all documentation, regarding the real estate ownership, which is known as the “chain of title.” The chain of title identifies the previous property owners. The examiner will determine whether there are any liens, judgments, or other encumbrances have been placed on the land, which The Suttles Law Firm will review and address prior to your real estate closing.

Title Insurance – We also certify title and offer title insurance to the lender and/or the buyer on that title. Title insurance protects the purchaser and the lender in the event a future problem is found with the title. Once the title examination is completed, we prepare an opinion on the title that is offered to a title company for the issuance of a title binder, which is a prerequisite to obtaining title insurance. Title insurance is optional for purchasers who do not get financing through the bank or mortgage broker, but is a requirement for most lenders at the time or purchase or refinance of real estate. From the purchaser’s perspective, title insurance is highly recommended to insure the purchaser on the title against claims of interests, rights, and liens against the property being purchased. For lenders, title insurance is a requirement because the lender seeks every assurance that it has secured its first lien position on the property.

Document Preparation – There are a significant number of documents necessary to transfer property in South Carolina. We assist in the preparation of these documents, including deeds, promissory notes, security agreements, settlement statements, and many others. At the closing, we explain these documents to the parties so that everyone can better understand their rights and their obligations.

Escrow and Funds Disbursement – As your escrow agent, we disburse funds from the closing to ensure that all the appropriate parties get paid in the correct amounts. This process includes getting payoffs from mortgage companies, prorating homeowners’ association dues, property taxes, real estate commissions, and other items to be paid and prorated upon the property transfer. Lastly, this process also includes making sure that the seller’s mortgage gets paid or released and paying the seller.

Recording – Many of the documents signed during closing must be recorded in the deed records in the county where the property is located. We ensure that the appropriate documents are recorded and that the clerk’s (RMC’s) office is paid for recording and maintaining those records.

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